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Size: 100ML
English Intense Leather EDP Perfume
Regular price Rs.4,600.00

Inspired by Tomford Tuscan Leather

Size: 100ml & 5ml Tester

Fragrance Notes

Raspberry, saffron, thyme, Jasmine, frankincense


Inspired by Tomford Tuscan Leather, the English Intense Leather is strong and forthright. This EDP fragrance suits the personality of suave, charming, arrogant, and wealthy men that knows they've made it in life. English Intense Leather opens with a moderate to a strong projection of just leather. The leather is an intense accord. The saffron and raspberry create a sweet touch. The thyme is more noticeable, and it adds a warm and spicy touch; the olibanum also accents the leather notes with its balsamic and spice tones. This English Intense Leather EDP fragrance has a severe presence. It is dark, bold, haunting, muscular, untouchable alpha. One of our finest EDPs specially designed bottles for a perfect gift to your beloved.

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